Answers to Your Questions

How long will my order take?

Most items on your club shop will take 7 – 10 working days.

Custom items such as match kit and running vests etc can be up to 4 weeks delivered.

In peak seasons for certain sports we ask you to be patient with us as sometimes lead times can be 10 – 14 working days.

Each item is made to order via embroidery or printing with your clubs badge or a 100% bespoke item such as match kit which is personalised, printed, cut and then sewn together. 

How do we get a Club Shop?

Club Shops are completely free. Simply email us with your details and ideas and our club shop team will put together a presentation proposal of your chosen garments customised in your teams colours and logos.

You will be able to view your Club Shop being built in the background on a password protected page and will go live once you are happy.  

How do I add bespoke match kit to my shop?

Bespoke Match Kit such as Rugby Shirts, Football Shirts, Hockey Shirts, Running Vests and T-Shirts have an initial minimum order of 10 garments (mixed sizes are allowed).

This then unlocks the option to add this particular garment to your shop to order top up items or your club members to order their teams kit direct.

We will let you know if your item is “Bespoke” or a “Stock Item”

Can our club make money from the sales?

There are two ways to run your club shop – 

1 – Add a percentage profit to each item to then be used as credit for match kit, tour t-shirts/hoodies or coaches kit.

This would make each item for expensive for the club members but helps raise money for the clubs kit.

2 – No profit – Some clubs just prefer that we take the hassle out of having to organise club members and supporters team wear and are happy to not make profit from the sales and for each item to be cheaper for their members.


I placed an order online and now I need to cancel, what can I do?

If you need to cancel an order you have already placed online you need to call our office on 01508 536530.

We can not always guarantee this can be cancelled as your order my already be processed but we will always try to help.

Your orders are processed automatically throughout our departments and by phoning us it will give us the best chance to stop it going through.

Do not email in any cancelations.

Am I able to try on sizes?

You are welcome to visit our showroom to try on garments to make sure you have the right size.

We prefer you to do this if you are un sure about your size as each item is custom and we do not accept returns.

Please let us know beforehand which items and roughly what size you may be so we can make sure we have samples here for you.

How many items can we have on our Club Shop?

As many as you would like.

Because of our in-house decoration setup we can create your clubs team wear range and produce garments with no minimum order.

This means you are welcome to add (and remove) items as you wish and even try new items that may be of interest to your club and supporters.

Examples of additional items we have added for teams are – 

Baby Grows, Dressing Gowns, Limited Edition garments, Sponsored garments (heavily discounted products) Mugs and much more.

How do I add a Sponsored Club Shop item to my store?

Sponsored club shop items can be added when your sponsor pays upfront a discussed sponsorship amount which discounts the item.

Usually the sponsor will have their logo printed or embroidered somewhere on the garment to reflect this and will choose how to spread their donation over a number of products.

Once the chosen amount of garments have been sold the item will then be removed from your store.

Sponsors are welcome to send us text and photos about their company to be added to their sponsored product page to help advertise their business.

I want to order a particular item for the whole team, do I use the shop?

If you would like to order a “team order” of a particular product – say 20 hoodies, please email us on for a quote. It will work out cheaper as each item on your club shop is priced based on making one item to order.


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